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Professional Odyssey: The 3 ‘must-haves’ on this journey

3 wheels that promise progress

“Where progress is not scalable; effort is fallible” – A Forward Lean, Rajneesh Patil

In seeking performance excellence, what should you ‘NEVER’ drop the ball on?  The following 3 aspects are ‘corner stones’ of professional progress.  They guarantee growth!

1: Progressive thinking:

The current state of world economics has compelled businesses across industries to focus on ‘less spend’ coupled with ‘innovative solutions’.  Consequently, there is an ever increasing emphasis on efficient and novel processes that can hasten project delivery in your work environs.

What could we do better? Probably the following:

To keep pace with this imposing business need, our professional efforts should be progressive in thought, swift in planning and precise in execution.

Each of ‘You’ has a unique opportunity to demonstrate progress in your area of expertise.  Ask these questions: Are all our processes the best in class? Are we rid of inefficiencies?  Have we done everything in our capacity, to create customer delight?  If ‘no’, then how could we do better?  Ideate, invoke and implement your solutions.  The time is indeed ‘Now’, Gear-up!

Can you imagine what I would do if I could do all I can? – Sun Tzu

2: Professional demeanor:

This aspect of work is indeed close to my heart and I therefore wish that each of us is investing on building this trait.

It highlights the ability to execute ‘all’ professional engagements with an unflinching sense of commitment, compassion, consistency and creativity.

These four traits will create the highest impact to your customers (both internal and external).  Though the sound is too philosophical, the real knack is in practicing and progressing on these dimensions of being a Professional.  Seek to be of great service and only then seek to be served of great rewards.  As professionals, Be brilliant!

Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm – Ralph Emerson

3: Unified efforts:

Over-spoken but underdone. That is my impression of a critical to success factor called ‘team work’.  As we continue to grow as an organization, it indeed becomes challenging to remain an ‘all inclusive’ culture.  However, if we take a look at any celebrated organization, we cannot miss to notice the level of camaraderie and inclusion in their work culture.

Players win games, teams win championships – William C. Taylor

How may we contribute to this? Here’s how: Greet and meet colleagues with utmost dignity; Hand hold and assist members who are learning and doing their jobs for the first time; Cheer and celebrate other’s success and simply respect where people come from (culture, language, accent, approach). Team-up!

Add glowing colors to the flamboyant teams at your workplace.

Free e-Book: A Forward Lean, Rajneesh Patil.  

P.S: This piece of write up is also submitted to CrossRoads newsletter for my colleagues in programming.

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My Own Joshua – Dublin

From the Dublin Diary – 2008

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It is exhilarating to be in a space where the rawness of nature is untouched and the spirit of life immaculate.  Dublin in Ireland is an effervescent example.  Placed about 13 hours from Bangalore if flying via London, Dublin is a natural cradle that welcomes with dew filled arms and petal laden paths.  Tender, serene and visually spectacular.

If nature is a language, Dublin is a golden word.

Several escapades so randomly and generously spread out, you will wonder if you can ever absorb enough of the sights. From Glenda-lough – Glen of Two Lakes to the Powerscourt Gardens, nature is on a giving spree.  You cannot process such bits of visuals thrown at you.  You sure can be struck with awe!

Some trivia I picked up when around:

  1. Guinness is the national drink of Ireland! (another trivia is that a mug of that dark thing can sway you nice!)
  2. Potato is the national vegetable (if there is such a thing!).  Being a vegetarian, I found it in anything I asked for.
  3. Mel Gibson’s Braveheart was shot on location around Glendalough mountains.  Scenic perfection!
Stay: Clontarf Castle – Unashamedly luxurious. A complete statement of profuse hospitality. Great place.
Eateries: The couple of Indian food joints alongside the backwaters of Business Point, Dublin.
Do not miss:  The Temple Bar at city center.  Tip: Do not look for Gods, it’s mostly the drink of the Lords, you will find.

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