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Grace at work!

Whilst speaking about Peak Performance in a private forum, a new friend of mine asked me what generally separates two equally good performers from achieving equally outstanding results?

Since I did not have a ready answer, I said what most often is said – ‘Good question!’.  And yes, the question rented a place in my mind and stayed there comfortably, legs crossed and smiling.  When I am finished writing this piece, I hope to reclaim the space and also smile.

My uncomplicated answer (yes I am emphasizing there could be many complicated answers) is this –

The level of grace that a performer would display, will finally determine the glory of the outcome. Therefore becomes the differentiator between potentially equal performers vs. the actual results they achieve. Not to say that flamboyance always wins, but simply stating that glory of results comes from poise and grace at the end of an effort.

It is not the number of feathers you ruffle with your effort but the number of minds you unruffle with your grace – Rajneesh Patil

For anyone interested in an important outcome, there is generally adequate awareness that the efforts needed will be intense. They fully acknowledge and are very appreciative of it.  But by demonstrating and declaring your pain, the glory of that accomplishment goes under a shadow.  A shadow of the excessive expression of difficulty and narcissism.

Like Jacob Braude once said – Behave like a duck: Keep calm and unruffled on the surface but paddle with great vigor underneath.

Paddling to stand still

So next time you run across the finish line –  Don’t reverberate, just celebrate!

Some personas who did what they did – with ‘grace’: Mother TeresaNadia Comăneci | Roger Federer | You could definitely add more!  What is your take on this?

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