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The Valentine of work

Like true romance catapults your sense of being into a magical space, there is a scintillating relationship to kindle between your work and you. A relationship that is waiting to soar and scale new heights!

Stories of love, as Saint Valentine has shaped em, would probably have three wonderful phases.


On this Valentine’s – How do you draw inspiration from these aspects to wallop your professional endeavor?

Create what you love

Reveal: The first big leap is to identify with yourself the existence of that magical feeling, an effervescent sense of love.  At profession, there is a big effort in finding what you love doing. Work! That reassures of your learning, growth and ascent.

Rejoice: The domino effect of joy is at its best pace once you have expressed this love.  It opens up a bright new horizon to your life and makes way for you to live it.  If you generate that rush of feeling with the work you love doing, the ripples of joy will be no less than your best romance and success will align to your dreams

If love will have its way; you will work even as you sway – Rajneesh

Revive: The stage where you start piecing the larger picture of a life marked with togetherness and a story that should make history.  This would require summing up every strength you possess and every ounce of positive energy, to bring to life the dream you see.  The love you bring to your work will draw a distinction between an every-day ordinary effort and an astounding, best-in-class performance.

Romance of work may only ignite some; but it will need that spark for miracles to come!Rajneesh

 The work life is waiting… for you to rise in love!

Love thy work

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The Burning Libraries

| Taking inspiration from a chance observation: This write-up is a tribute to our previous generations |

A good friend of mine said: “These are like burning libraries“.  This was when we made quick stop at a post office, and saw a glad-looking group of old wise folks engrossed in their conversation.

Interaction > Knowledge > Wisdom | Make it count!

My friends’ expression had a profound impact and without further elaboration, the hint was obvious.  A load of life-time experience with not a place to capture it? A vast experience that will be lost because it was not assimilated.  This makes for a compelling reason to interact and borrow the lessons from their lives.

 Each life story is a potential lesson in gloryRajneesh Patil

 If untold and not shared, the story equates to a book unread, before one-day, turning to ashes.  Most of their tacit knowledge and several bits of their explicit knowledge go untapped.

This drop of wisdom draws focus to the science of knowledge management.  Translating it into business value that can fuel growth will create organizational process assets. Assets that can sustain a business and grow an organization’s culture and effectiveness.

Why are we talking about it?  Two fundamental inspirations derived:

  1. How, within our existing pattern of interaction and communication, do we tap these libraries before they burn?
    1. At a social level: Could we create an effective social platform that can tap knowledge from the rich experienced lives and stories of the geriatric populace?
    2. At an individual level: Am I interacting in ways to facilitate an enriching exchange of knowledge from my senior connects?
  2. Are we doing enough within organizations, to capture > process > apply > synthesize, the knowledge from our growing and experienced teams?
    1. How do we invest in building a magnetic catchment for both tacit and explicit knowledge?
    2. Have we done what it takes to encourage a culture of knowledge exchange and thereby shorten the learning curve significantly for generations to come?

What are some of YOUR thoughts on managing knowledge, individual and organizational? Please share your thoughts below.

Synthesize knowledge from your network


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