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Bon anniversaire!

A life in the day of 24-June!

It was at the tail end of Indian summer – Bangalore.June’11 when this blog received its’ first post.

Yup! Incidentally realized ‘Evolving Identity‘ has grown to be a year young. And as it turns out, this anniversary post is coming from the first crest of American summer – Raleigh.June’12, my new home.

Humble gratitude to each of you who have allowed some room in your schedules to read and write back to me over the past year.

While Bangalore is probably the most enviable blend of climatic splendor and cosmopolitan galore (forgive the traffic!); Raleigh in North Carolina is a glorious mix of green pastures and academic treasures (pleasure to drive here!).

The elements of nature and the spirit of life have astounding resemblance and effortlessly fill the geographic divide between these places.  My transition from South of India to East of America has seeded some wonderful thoughts.

Reflecting on a few:

  1. If you connect with nature and relate to the elements, you are not far from what you always called home. World’s indeed a small place.
  2. If you hold the integrity of your true spirit, your ambitions can only scale up because the avenues multiply. Generate people networks.
  3. If you dedicate all moments to the love of what you do, you will find a deeper meaning to every day of your life. Let passion carry you.

While the bright summer days beat down on Raleigh, may the inspiration grow to evolve and flourish identities.  In the name of success, spirit and life… toast!

Would love to hear experiences from the transition phases of your life. RSVP

Running to stand still!

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