A Champion’s DNA

July 8, 2012 at 8:39 PM 4 comments

Amazing inspiration from the sportsman who redefines grace and skill into something divine!  – To Roger Federer

Looking for a story to epitomize ‘Triumph’ vs. ‘Challenge’? Federer delivered just that and more at Wimbledon 2012.

Sports analysts doubted the probability of Federer’s success with their attention stuck on age, fitness, injuries and younger opponents. While everyone knows the cliché of what happens when the going gets tough… this man actually got going… when everything seemed genuinely tough.

 It may take a fighter to put up a show; but it takes a champion to do it in a row – Rajneesh Patil

Some remarkable attributes on display:

  1.  Against all odds:  Yes the analysts were right in using the usual factors as predictors. The champion’s DNA displayed what practice can do! (Federer was at most of the ATP schedules this year)
  2. Hunger for success: It did not matter that he already had the highest number of slams in history, he wanted one more.  Tremendous appetite to achieve more! (Interesting post match interview)
  3. Mastery of art: The most evident factor in Federer’s victory was not Andy Murray’s lesser performance.  It was simply the level of gameplay Federer brought to the Wimbledon finals. It was mastery.

These traits (among others) form the very fabric of a champion’s DNA;  launching performers to peak and champions to glory.

Salute to the grandiose spirit! Take a bow… Federer’s on court.

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  • 1. Sanjeev Chinu  |  July 9, 2012 at 5:19 AM

    Federer no doubt is the greatest tennis player in the history of the game, he is a legend, a true champion,
    The time murry entered the final it was advantage Federer.
    It was always two curious cases, one a true champion who knows what it it takes to win a grand slam and raises his bar in the crunch match when it matters.
    The other incredibly inconsistent(add erratic as well) in the big matches, wilts under pressure,
    The day fedex defeated Joko in the semis it was fedex who had the cake and the cherry in his court, it was only a matter of time how he slices it.
    Federer Gracious??? not so – Federer needs to be gracious in his defeats(I was unlucky, I was not 100%, doesn’t augur well for a champion he is) and off the court as well,. I don’t get what he means by saying Murry will win atleast one Grand salm.

    • 2. rajneeshpatil  |  July 9, 2012 at 10:20 AM

      Hey Sanjeev,

      Sure. Certainly valid. Fed did correct himself in the ‘box interview’ walking down the stairs saying Murray will certainly win ‘quite a few’ (not one). Like you rightly said, Fed is graceful at the game but needs being graceful in defeat. For now, shall look at the light of the lamp and not the darkness right below. 🙂 Thoroughly enjoyed reading your summary and perspective! Thanks and keep em coming.

      • 3. Sanjeev Chinu  |  July 10, 2012 at 5:21 AM

        hey Vik,
        I don’t mind dropping in few more thoughtful volleys in the right spirit,
        I have always enjoyed watching Roger play but it isn’t a thrill when you know the out come before it comes out
        His art of play is engineered to perfection, he looks so sublime sometimes you wonder whether God stand any chance to defeat Roger, Roger is a symbol of excellence.
        This should add extra wattage to the light of the lamp to illuminate your bright thoughts, however I don’t want my thoughts to be lost in the light of the lamp, I want my thoughts to be revered in the light of the day.What says yo – thanks.

        • 4. rajneeshpatil  |  July 10, 2012 at 8:11 AM

          Absolutely! You describe Roger in a superlative flow. Joy to read. Of course your serves and volleys are bright as a halo and celebrated like summer days.
          Keep volleying. Wonderful spirit!


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