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Independence | The value

15.Aug.1947 – Tribute

Carrying on with the spirit of thoughts I expressed on 04th of Jul which marked the American Independence day, some compelling lessons stare at us today, as the calendar proudly turned to 15th of August.

For India, the glory of one victory that has held strong for 68 years must now inspire a story of greatness that shall redefine freedom.  A freedom from the ordinary.  A freedom that will liberate us from political stigma and social dogma.

The global canvas is waiting for the tricolor to shine beyond the occasional spark. To become the torch light that grows hope, confidence and fortune. To become more of the land that was, is and will be revered, for time to come.

 This day, when a nation of 1.2 billion stands in attention to praise the sweet victory of “independence”, the same populace has to surpass the challenge of daily defeat.  A defeat handed down by plagued governance systems, baseless predicaments and entrepreneurial declines.

While the up-side has continued to display tremendous promise, the flip side weighs too heavy too often.

Is there a silver lining to follow for the individual freedom bestowed to you?  A certain and resounding, ‘yes’.

A] Realizing your potential – The freedom struggle though owned by millions is still told as the story of a few. Those few who relentlessly challenged the status-quo and gave meaning to their potential of dreaming bold. The Indian Renaissance heroes were special for one reason alone. They harnessed the potential they held to realize a dream.

Lesson 1: Seek for your significant strengths and exercise the freedom of action. Action that can create results and send ripples into the environment you operate.  There is always an aspect you can revolutionize – Reveal.

B] Creating momentum – Without a sense of urgency, desire loses it’s value.  Freedom was achieved not by agitating and waiting but by mobilizing and marching.  The Independence movement needed replenishing and relaunching several times.  At each time, there were catalysts in the form of ‘heroes’ to keep the fire burning.

Lesson 2: Find meaning in the work you render and that pursuit will generate self-sustaining pace to move your dreams to reality.  Remember, there is always one magic only ‘you’ can do – Perform.

C] Running the last mile – Every special accomplishment is an outcome of enduring commitment. The most inflictive and detrimental efforts of Indian freedom struggle came about by running the last mile.  The three most significant movements in gaining Independence required the biggest sacrifices.  So, someone had to run the last mile to finish the race… and they did!

Lesson 3: The strongest urge to give-up is when you are unaware of the proximity to success.  So endure the path you have chosen and complete the run you started – Achieve.

Freedom has existed, almost always.

What mattered in history, is how we exercised it. What will matter in future is ‘will we exercise enough of it’ – Rajneesh

To your freedom! Godspeed.

What is the goal you want to set if you gain “freedom” from fear of failure? Keen to hear your thoughts.

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