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The 3 ‘O’s you must focus on at a public event

From Quintiles, we will be in Los Angeles this weekend for the SCDM Annual Conference, Fall.2012.

Public event platforms offer tremendous opportunity for knowledge exchange and networking. Alongside several popular beliefs on how to best use such an opportunity, here are my thoughts:

The 3 ‘O’s to allow generous use of the richness inherent to a professional gathering: Orientation > Observation > Ovation

1 ] Orientation: Begin by aligning your thoughts to the ‘unstated objectives’ of why organizations and people show-up at an event. Notably, organizations participate with a stated objective of presenting their services and products to increase awareness of their brand.  The unstated need however could be that of competition assessment, talent acquisition and the likes.  By aligning your thoughts to the unstated needs, you will be able to strike more stimulating conversations.

The plain effort of name exchange is but superficial. Breathe life into an interaction.

2] Observation: The knack to orientation begins with keen observation.  Observe the inclination of people, the intention of interactions, the urgency of their needs, the opinions they carry etc. Remember, for any networking effort to work, you need to make it about “them” and not “you”.  Observe their interests, steer in their direction, acknowledge their insights and only then seek to seed your thoughts.  The reception to your message will be drastically better.

3] Ovation: The greatest need (even per the great theory by Maslow) for individuals is the need to be recognized and applauded for their ability. The ‘esteem’ factor.  So go ahead and pour out a generous appreciation for their thoughts, presentation, debate or whatever else they have honestly attempted to do at the event.

Your criticism is important, but it can certainly begin after saluting their effort in making an attempt.  Think through this… It makes a big difference to your approach and more importantly, to the inroads you can make.

“Not the size of network, it’s the quality of relationships that matters” – Rajneesh Patil

Carrying thoughts into the event; would love to hear your opinions. Begin here and strike a chord!

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