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New Year: A Roman Beginning

‘Ushering in a new-year’ where it means renewal of vows, resolutions, and opportunities for many, for others, it is a time to find reasons to celebrate.  On a bigger note, the larger affection people have towards this turn-of-calendar is related to the promise of a novel start, looking forward moving ahead, leaving the past behind.

Though the idea of new beginnings and renewed vows carries on from Julius Caesar who first instituted January 1 as new-year’s day in 46 BC, the concept is from the ancient Roman custom, celebration of Janus; the two-faced Roman God represents past and future.  Janus is also believed to be the God of gates and new beginnings.

While every culture and/or religion turns the calendar to a new year at different times, January, named after the God of gates signifies the start of a new year for most of the western culture, and now observed worldwide.

Janus - The God of beginnings

The tradition of new year celebration has survived through several centuries and continues to generate a vibrant, collective and positive spirit all around.

To garner this energy and set sail with reinvigorated pace, embrace the new dawn and leap towards your goals with a more definite purpose. Thoughts for the coming year:

Get fit: Give the gift of wellness to yourself. Fitness allows for clear thoughts and purposeful actions.

Get ahead: Add at least one new skill to your armoury each year.

Give more: Each of us have a special ability. Use your resources to help others.

Key questions that may guide the direction:

  1. What activities and habits will enhance my well being?
  2. Which is the one skill that can influence my success further?
  3. What about me inspires others? How can I use my strengths to enable others” success?

Life calls constantly for progress, novelty and growth. Get a new start this year and make it significantly different from the previous.

Spirit o'' Life

 Here’s to your spirit and glory. Wish you a wonderful 2013!

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