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Of Windmills and Minds

Thoughts like windmills hold immense energy for glorious possibilities. And like windmills, an outcome is only generated if you harness the power innate. The science of wind power though simple is fascinating at many levels.

To me, it is a compelling analogy to how our minds work. Here’s how:

Wind Energy

Begin to factor the enormous number of thoughts produced in the span of a day. Several hundreds if not thousands. Stating an obvious fact… but isn’t that staggering?

Through the relatively simple science of wind harnessing, >2.5% of the worlds’ energy requirement is now originating from a natural resource – the wind. That will continue to make a phenomenal impact to efforts in producing green energy.

If that is an exact science of tapping into a natural resource, there is an even more exact approach to human innovation and the power to excel in what you do. Harness the mind.

 Wind for windmills and thoughts for mind. Harness the energy – Rajneesh Patil

Begin to funnel thoughts and start spinning the windmills in your mind. Filter the thoughts to start generating ideas that can produce what you desire. And continue to strive untiringly, to implement those ideas. It is only that complete cycle when followed through in its entirety will the results arrive.

Be it windmills or mind, the flow is on and it is perennial. What matters is whether or not it generates useful energy.

So bring the technology of disciplined dreaming, purposeful action and unwavering commitment to your mind. Let the mills run. Let the power out.

So: How do ‘you‘ channel the energy from your thoughts? Keen to hear your mind.

P.S: Though “windmills and the mind” came as a striking idea, Google helped me realize this has been a song title for a few decades now. Cheers to Noel Harrison who got there first!

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Thank who you will: Gratitude unlimited


On the heels of a vibrant Diwali in India, followed the effervescence of Thanksgiving in the Americas.  If Diwali is about expressing thanks to everything that brings light to life; Thanksgiving is about saying ‘gracias‘ to everything that ‘Life’ gives us.

A joyous, unbound and omnipresent feel of celebration takes over everything else this week.  The United States had much going on in the past few months from political landslides to weather storms.  However, the spirit as they say, triumphs over all else.  Yes, there was much to moan over, but bundles more to thank for! So arrived… Thanksgiving.

“Culture appreciates life. Thanking rejuvenates ties” – Rajneesh

This day marks the Mayflower voyage of pilgrims in 1621 who were religious separatists seeking to establish a place for practice of free faith. So came to life Plymouth. Having survived adverse conditions at sea, the pilgrims were greeted by Wampanoag…

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