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The Tipping Point for Modern India

History scripted – Madison Square Garden, New York

There are definite points in a Nation’s history when an astounding and progressive change begins. A change that is non-trivial and mostly revolutionary.

There was adequate hint of this for India, when Narendra Modi took charge as the Prime Minister early 2014, and the hint seems like evidence after hearing Modi share his vision at Madison Square Garden, New York this Sunday, 28-Sep-2014.

What works?

Stunning focus on fundamental governance while maintaining the confidence and panache of a leader in the modern world, Modi weaved the pre-freedom struggle into the new age effort of nation building. Remarkable simplicity.

What’s refreshing?

It is great to see a Leader who thinks it is not because of him that dreams will become reality, but it is because of the potential of the people who will help him make it real. Enlisting each Indian to participate in this movement and evoking a sense of accountability and pride at the same time is a vision that is compelling.

incredible india

From the farms of India to Mother Ganges, every aspect which is a priority to the Indian government today is one that will ignite passion in Indians for a much larger mission of building a great nation, India is destined to be.

Yes it is a long road ahead and a bigger yes… that the first few strides have been taken. India has arrived.

Inspiration brings life to our existence. Succeed for a cause – Rajneesh Patil

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