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Role of Innovation and New Age Analytics in RBM Evolution

Hope you’ve had a great start to 2018 and best wishes for all innovative projects out there to solve the myriad of issues across the globe.

One tiny area we are looking to make a difference is in healthcare and clinical trial execution. Part of that effort includes engagement at industry events, one of which is detailed below. Would love to converse with you or hear your thoughts. Please share.

Track: Implementing Risk-Based Monitoring: SCOPE, February 13-14, 2018

Been an engaging experience at SCOPE these past few years. Looking forward to the 2018 exchange.

Few areas we will focus on during our luncheon presentation:

  1. What problems are we looking to solve with innovation in RBM models?
  2. How do the new age analytics and advent of machine learning augment risk-based strategies?
  3. What results are we experiencing through implementation of statistical monitoring and analytics?

Welcome thoughts, ideas and conversations via this post or at Orlando, Florida.



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Let’s talk Analytics – Miami Jan.24-25

Impact to Quality from implementation of Risk Based Monitoring and Analytics

– Optimize site monitoring process flow and risk management
– Processes that impact data flow and data quality positively
– Improving oversight and control through advanced analytics and actionable insights

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Application of Model-Based Analytics in Risk-Based Monitoring

Speaking on

“Model-Based Analytics in Risk-Based Monitoring”

Jul 31, 11:30 – 13:00 CST

Healthcare 2015, Nashville TN




This project addresses: how can we identify clinical trial quality issues upfront, and how can we improve investigative site performance? We developed an interactive integrated analytics tool that transforms sophisticated statistical analysis into insightful information and actionable decisions. For a given risk level, the analysis identifies those investigative sites and their associated data points that exhibit higher risk potentials compared to their peers. This practice can enable the study team to target and prioritize resources around identifiable risks relating to subject safety and investigative site performance.


Credits: Chao Deng and Xiaoqiang Xue

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2014 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 570 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 10 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Independence | The value


15.Aug.1947 – Tribute

Carrying on with the spirit of thoughts I expressed on 04th of Jul which marked the American Independence day, some compelling lessons stare at us today, as the calendar proudly turned to 15th of August.

For India, the glory of one victory that has held strong for 68 years must now inspire a story of greatness that shall redefine freedom.  A freedom from the ordinary.  A freedom that will liberate us from political stigma and social dogma.

The global canvas is waiting for the tricolor to shine beyond the occasional spark. To become the torch light that grows hope, confidence and fortune. To become more of the land that was, is and will be revered, for time to come.

 This day, when a nation of 1.2 billion stands in attention to praise the sweet victory of “independence”, the same populace has to surpass the challenge of daily…

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Thank who you will: Gratitude unlimited


On the heels of a vibrant Diwali in India, followed the effervescence of Thanksgiving in the Americas.  If Diwali is about expressing thanks to everything that brings light to life; Thanksgiving is about saying ‘gracias‘ to everything that ‘Life’ gives us.

A joyous, unbound and omnipresent feel of celebration takes over everything else this week.  The United States had much going on in the past few months from political landslides to weather storms.  However, the spirit as they say, triumphs over all else.  Yes, there was much to moan over, but bundles more to thank for! So arrived… Thanksgiving.

“Culture appreciates life. Thanking rejuvenates ties” – Rajneesh

This day marks the Mayflower voyage of pilgrims in 1621 who were religious separatists seeking to establish a place for practice of free faith. So came to life Plymouth. Having survived adverse conditions at sea, the pilgrims were greeted by Wampanoag…

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The Valentine of work

Like true romance catapults your sense of being into a magical space, there is a scintillating relationship to kindle between your work and you. A relationship that is waiting to soar and scale new heights!

Stories of love, as Saint Valentine has shaped em, would probably have three wonderful phases.


On this Valentine’s – How do you draw inspiration from these aspects to wallop your professional endeavor?

Create what you love

Reveal: The first big leap is to identify with yourself the existence of that magical feeling, an effervescent sense of love.  At profession, there is a big effort in finding what you love doing. Work! That reassures of your learning, growth and ascent.

Rejoice: The domino effect of joy is at its best pace once you have expressed this love.  It opens up a bright new horizon to your life and makes way for you to live it.  If you generate that rush of feeling with the work you love doing, the ripples of joy will be no less than your best romance and success will align to your dreams

If love will have its way; you will work even as you sway – Rajneesh

Revive: The stage where you start piecing the larger picture of a life marked with togetherness and a story that should make history.  This would require summing up every strength you possess and every ounce of positive energy, to bring to life the dream you see.  The love you bring to your work will draw a distinction between an every-day ordinary effort and an astounding, best-in-class performance.

Romance of work may only ignite some; but it will need that spark for miracles to come!Rajneesh

 The work life is waiting… for you to rise in love!

Love thy work

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