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Let’s talk Analytics – Miami Jan.24-25

Impact to Quality from implementation of Risk Based Monitoring and Analytics

– Optimize site monitoring process flow and risk management
– Processes that impact data flow and data quality positively
– Improving oversight and control through advanced analytics and actionable insights

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The Tipping Point for Modern India

History scripted – Madison Square Garden, New York

There are definite points in a Nation’s history when an astounding and progressive change begins. A change that is non-trivial and mostly revolutionary.

There was adequate hint of this for India, when Narendra Modi took charge as the Prime Minister early 2014, and the hint seems like evidence after hearing Modi share his vision at Madison Square Garden, New York this Sunday, 28-Sep-2014.

What works?

Stunning focus on fundamental governance while maintaining the confidence and panache of a leader in the modern world, Modi weaved the pre-freedom struggle into the new age effort of nation building. Remarkable simplicity.

What’s refreshing?

It is great to see a Leader who thinks it is not because of him that dreams will become reality, but it is because of the potential of the people who will help him make it real. Enlisting each Indian to participate in this movement and evoking a sense of accountability and pride at the same time is a vision that is compelling.

incredible india

From the farms of India to Mother Ganges, every aspect which is a priority to the Indian government today is one that will ignite passion in Indians for a much larger mission of building a great nation, India is destined to be.

Yes it is a long road ahead and a bigger yes… that the first few strides have been taken. India has arrived.

Inspiration brings life to our existence. Succeed for a cause – Rajneesh Patil

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2014: Resolution – Finding more of You

Making resolutions? Indeed that day of the year again. Usher 2014!


In creating this blog site as evolving identity, one compelling thought was around progressing individual development. From one level to the next.

2014 could serve as fertile grounds with perfect opportunities to achieve part of that evolution. With a resolution!

Of many, 3 things will certainly help plough the land and sow the seeds:

  • 1] Add a non-academic skill to your quiver:
    • Creative or artistic endeavors are gratifying and liberating. Learn a musical instrument, paint your imagination or simply write your thoughts and share with your network. Bring at least one new skill to your repertoire this new year.

Your personality is a fountain waiting to spurt. Get out of its way.

  • 2] Celebrate your strength:
    • Be it your unflinching discipline, enviable interpersonal skills, ability to ideate, power to execute or your extraordinary commitment – do a little more of it this year, consciously. Know it, play it. This will get you to focus on what works for you as against what does not.


Aspire and achieve brilliance in your being.  Efforts realize thoughts, accomplishments realize dreams. So go the extra yard this new year and shine your way through.

 Some dream all their lives, some live all their dreams. – Rajneesh Patil

To your success,

Have a wonderful year ahead. Cheers!

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The 3 ‘O’s you must focus on at a public event

From Quintiles, we will be in Los Angeles this weekend for the SCDM Annual Conference, Fall.2012.

Public event platforms offer tremendous opportunity for knowledge exchange and networking. Alongside several popular beliefs on how to best use such an opportunity, here are my thoughts:

The 3 ‘O’s to allow generous use of the richness inherent to a professional gathering: Orientation > Observation > Ovation

1 ] Orientation: Begin by aligning your thoughts to the ‘unstated objectives’ of why organizations and people show-up at an event. Notably, organizations participate with a stated objective of presenting their services and products to increase awareness of their brand.  The unstated need however could be that of competition assessment, talent acquisition and the likes.  By aligning your thoughts to the unstated needs, you will be able to strike more stimulating conversations.

The plain effort of name exchange is but superficial. Breathe life into an interaction.

2] Observation: The knack to orientation begins with keen observation.  Observe the inclination of people, the intention of interactions, the urgency of their needs, the opinions they carry etc. Remember, for any networking effort to work, you need to make it about “them” and not “you”.  Observe their interests, steer in their direction, acknowledge their insights and only then seek to seed your thoughts.  The reception to your message will be drastically better.

3] Ovation: The greatest need (even per the great theory by Maslow) for individuals is the need to be recognized and applauded for their ability. The ‘esteem’ factor.  So go ahead and pour out a generous appreciation for their thoughts, presentation, debate or whatever else they have honestly attempted to do at the event.

Your criticism is important, but it can certainly begin after saluting their effort in making an attempt.  Think through this… It makes a big difference to your approach and more importantly, to the inroads you can make.

“Not the size of network, it’s the quality of relationships that matters” – Rajneesh Patil

Carrying thoughts into the event; would love to hear your opinions. Begin here and strike a chord!

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Independence | The value

15.Aug.1947 – Tribute

Carrying on with the spirit of thoughts I expressed on 04th of Jul which marked the American Independence day, some compelling lessons stare at us today, as the calendar proudly turned to 15th of August.

For India, the glory of one victory that has held strong for 68 years must now inspire a story of greatness that shall redefine freedom.  A freedom from the ordinary.  A freedom that will liberate us from political stigma and social dogma.

The global canvas is waiting for the tricolor to shine beyond the occasional spark. To become the torch light that grows hope, confidence and fortune. To become more of the land that was, is and will be revered, for time to come.

 This day, when a nation of 1.2 billion stands in attention to praise the sweet victory of “independence”, the same populace has to surpass the challenge of daily defeat.  A defeat handed down by plagued governance systems, baseless predicaments and entrepreneurial declines.

While the up-side has continued to display tremendous promise, the flip side weighs too heavy too often.

Is there a silver lining to follow for the individual freedom bestowed to you?  A certain and resounding, ‘yes’.

A] Realizing your potential – The freedom struggle though owned by millions is still told as the story of a few. Those few who relentlessly challenged the status-quo and gave meaning to their potential of dreaming bold. The Indian Renaissance heroes were special for one reason alone. They harnessed the potential they held to realize a dream.

Lesson 1: Seek for your significant strengths and exercise the freedom of action. Action that can create results and send ripples into the environment you operate.  There is always an aspect you can revolutionize – Reveal.

B] Creating momentum – Without a sense of urgency, desire loses it’s value.  Freedom was achieved not by agitating and waiting but by mobilizing and marching.  The Independence movement needed replenishing and relaunching several times.  At each time, there were catalysts in the form of ‘heroes’ to keep the fire burning.

Lesson 2: Find meaning in the work you render and that pursuit will generate self-sustaining pace to move your dreams to reality.  Remember, there is always one magic only ‘you’ can do – Perform.

C] Running the last mile – Every special accomplishment is an outcome of enduring commitment. The most inflictive and detrimental efforts of Indian freedom struggle came about by running the last mile.  The three most significant movements in gaining Independence required the biggest sacrifices.  So, someone had to run the last mile to finish the race… and they did!

Lesson 3: The strongest urge to give-up is when you are unaware of the proximity to success.  So endure the path you have chosen and complete the run you started – Achieve.

Freedom has existed, almost always.

What mattered in history, is how we exercised it. What will matter in future is ‘will we exercise enough of it’ – Rajneesh

To your freedom! Godspeed.

What is the goal you want to set if you gain “freedom” from fear of failure? Keen to hear your thoughts.

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Fourth of July: American Independence – 3 lessons

Not controversial to say – “Independence” is probably the most celebrated word and state-of-mind.  After all, every nation dedicates a day and every individual strives in her own way to celebrate it.

Today, the Fourth of July! America celebrates her Independence day.  The freedom that was won over two centuries ago and a victory that probably has 3 lessons to show.  Lessons that may transform an individual mind and accomplish a magnificent goal.

 I] A tipping point

The year 1775 is marked in history by the humongous milestone of American Revolutionary War. One over-ambitious parliamentary act, by Great Britain set a sore sentiment across American colonists. That was the beginning of a revolution that met end with United States gaining absolute freedom in 1776.  Indeed, a tipping point for the country.

 Lesson 1: Taking a cue from there, it may not be unimaginable to realize that your individual glory and freedom also ‘awaits’ just that tipping point. It is a matter of how soon you understand your potential and unleash it to achieve extraordinary results.  When you see your tipping point, don’t just pass it.  Make it count!

II] A little help from friends

Fascinating as it may be, the United States needed to gather a momentum which was far larger than they could produce on their own. So came along France, Holland and Spain to be the friends in need. Yes! When Beatles sang the song “With a little help from my friends”, they probably knew that at some point, everybody needs a push to set foot onto the success land.  So did America at the time.

Lesson 2: This hints at the ever-growing need for collaboration, networking and ability to work with others in achieving life’s substantial goals. By not harnessing the richness of other’s strengths, you only limit what you ‘can’ achieve. Every interaction is an opportunity.  Materialize it!

III] A sense of urgency to the purpose

Much like the tipping point, sense of urgency probably arrives when you know exactly what you want and then decide to have it! Jim Rohn made a fluent statement around this and said “Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value”.  The energy around America’s revolutionary war came about because they decided that freedom is “now” and it is urgent!

Lesson 3:

“Many and more of our dreams and ambitions will become memoirs of the imaginary past if we do not act NOW” – Rajneesh Patil

Yes, we need a step in the direction right now. Identify it.

If the word “independence” is most celebrated; the word “now” is even more.  Particularly because of its decisive impact on the scale of one’s individual success.  It’s time to shine and… the first best opportunity is… Now!

What is the goal you want to set if you gain “freedom” from fear of failure?  What does your mind say when it is most ‘independent’?

To your freedom!

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The Burning Libraries

| Taking inspiration from a chance observation: This write-up is a tribute to our previous generations |

A good friend of mine said: “These are like burning libraries“.  This was when we made quick stop at a post office, and saw a glad-looking group of old wise folks engrossed in their conversation.

Interaction > Knowledge > Wisdom | Make it count!

My friends’ expression had a profound impact and without further elaboration, the hint was obvious.  A load of life-time experience with not a place to capture it? A vast experience that will be lost because it was not assimilated.  This makes for a compelling reason to interact and borrow the lessons from their lives.

 Each life story is a potential lesson in gloryRajneesh Patil

 If untold and not shared, the story equates to a book unread, before one-day, turning to ashes.  Most of their tacit knowledge and several bits of their explicit knowledge go untapped.

This drop of wisdom draws focus to the science of knowledge management.  Translating it into business value that can fuel growth will create organizational process assets. Assets that can sustain a business and grow an organization’s culture and effectiveness.

Why are we talking about it?  Two fundamental inspirations derived:

  1. How, within our existing pattern of interaction and communication, do we tap these libraries before they burn?
    1. At a social level: Could we create an effective social platform that can tap knowledge from the rich experienced lives and stories of the geriatric populace?
    2. At an individual level: Am I interacting in ways to facilitate an enriching exchange of knowledge from my senior connects?
  2. Are we doing enough within organizations, to capture > process > apply > synthesize, the knowledge from our growing and experienced teams?
    1. How do we invest in building a magnetic catchment for both tacit and explicit knowledge?
    2. Have we done what it takes to encourage a culture of knowledge exchange and thereby shorten the learning curve significantly for generations to come?

What are some of YOUR thoughts on managing knowledge, individual and organizational? Please share your thoughts below.

Synthesize knowledge from your network


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