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The Tipping Point for Modern India

History scripted – Madison Square Garden, New York

There are definite points in a Nation’s history when an astounding and progressive change begins. A change that is non-trivial and mostly revolutionary.

There was adequate hint of this for India, when Narendra Modi took charge as the Prime Minister early 2014, and the hint seems like evidence after hearing Modi share his vision at Madison Square Garden, New York this Sunday, 28-Sep-2014.

What works?

Stunning focus on fundamental governance while maintaining the confidence and panache of a leader in the modern world, Modi weaved the pre-freedom struggle into the new age effort of nation building. Remarkable simplicity.

What’s refreshing?

It is great to see a Leader who thinks it is not because of him that dreams will become reality, but it is because of the potential of the people who will help him make it real. Enlisting each Indian to participate in this movement and evoking a sense of accountability and pride at the same time is a vision that is compelling.

incredible india

From the farms of India to Mother Ganges, every aspect which is a priority to the Indian government today is one that will ignite passion in Indians for a much larger mission of building a great nation, India is destined to be.

Yes it is a long road ahead and a bigger yes… that the first few strides have been taken. India has arrived.

Inspiration brings life to our existence. Succeed for a cause – Rajneesh Patil

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First day of Autumn

Celebrate change

A tiny wave of excitement as today marks the ‘First day of Autumn’. Also, it is an Equinox which means the day and night are almost exactly equal. The start of ‘Fall’.

Who moved my leaves

Autumn brings – an endearing transition to an earthly brown shade, cool gentle breeze ushering the winter to wade and fallen leaves on earth like a carpet you made. Nature in inspirational form.

Like trees in autumn, there is a cycle of change our personalities live through. If put to a time scale, an year is a good measure of when you pause and reflect on your own evolving identity.

If we take the analogy of trees in Fall, we as individuals could follow suite and shed a few leaves ourselves. It could be habits we want to break, attitudes we want to drop, activities we no longer enjoy or for some of us merely the weight we would like to shed, physical or otherwise!

Trails of North Carolina

Like trees cast aside leaves only to grow green with renewed life we should grow new habits that are of value, wear attitudes that help succeed and embrace ways of living that bring vitality to our existence and to those around.

So this autumn, I look to shed the burden of purposeless thought, enjoy the “now”, learn new skills and do more for someone who needs help the most.

You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you. – John Wooden

Autumn Equinox By Morawless On Deviantart

To the spirit of Equinox, we should continue to strive for a balance in our identities that generates strength and compassion. Everything else follows.

What thoughts come to your mind with autumn and equinox? Tell you story.

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2014: Resolution – Finding more of You

Making resolutions? Indeed that day of the year again. Usher 2014!


In creating this blog site as evolving identity, one compelling thought was around progressing individual development. From one level to the next.

2014 could serve as fertile grounds with perfect opportunities to achieve part of that evolution. With a resolution!

Of many, 3 things will certainly help plough the land and sow the seeds:

  • 1] Add a non-academic skill to your quiver:
    • Creative or artistic endeavors are gratifying and liberating. Learn a musical instrument, paint your imagination or simply write your thoughts and share with your network. Bring at least one new skill to your repertoire this new year.

Your personality is a fountain waiting to spurt. Get out of its way.

  • 2] Celebrate your strength:
    • Be it your unflinching discipline, enviable interpersonal skills, ability to ideate, power to execute or your extraordinary commitment – do a little more of it this year, consciously. Know it, play it. This will get you to focus on what works for you as against what does not.


Aspire and achieve brilliance in your being.  Efforts realize thoughts, accomplishments realize dreams. So go the extra yard this new year and shine your way through.

 Some dream all their lives, some live all their dreams. – Rajneesh Patil

To your success,

Have a wonderful year ahead. Cheers!

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Of Windmills and Minds

Thoughts like windmills hold immense energy for glorious possibilities. And like windmills, an outcome is only generated if you harness the power innate. The science of wind power though simple is fascinating at many levels.

To me, it is a compelling analogy to how our minds work. Here’s how:

Wind Energy

Begin to factor the enormous number of thoughts produced in the span of a day. Several hundreds if not thousands. Stating an obvious fact… but isn’t that staggering?

Through the relatively simple science of wind harnessing, >2.5% of the worlds’ energy requirement is now originating from a natural resource – the wind. That will continue to make a phenomenal impact to efforts in producing green energy.

If that is an exact science of tapping into a natural resource, there is an even more exact approach to human innovation and the power to excel in what you do. Harness the mind.

 Wind for windmills and thoughts for mind. Harness the energy – Rajneesh Patil

Begin to funnel thoughts and start spinning the windmills in your mind. Filter the thoughts to start generating ideas that can produce what you desire. And continue to strive untiringly, to implement those ideas. It is only that complete cycle when followed through in its entirety will the results arrive.

Be it windmills or mind, the flow is on and it is perennial. What matters is whether or not it generates useful energy.

So bring the technology of disciplined dreaming, purposeful action and unwavering commitment to your mind. Let the mills run. Let the power out.

So: How do ‘you‘ channel the energy from your thoughts? Keen to hear your mind.

P.S: Though “windmills and the mind” came as a striking idea, Google helped me realize this has been a song title for a few decades now. Cheers to Noel Harrison who got there first!

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A date with the skies – My first flight

Of the many poetic dreams, scientific advances and adventurous pursuits – probably the most fascinating aspiration of all is the wish to fly.  From AS Hodson’s poetic fable To Fly Like a Bird to the years of ordeal for Wright Brothers – the desire to fly continues to be an exciting endeavor to defy physical bounds and soar closer to the skies.

So there… within my own limited capacity, I didn’t set out to write a poem but used the gift from Wright brothers and took wings to the first ever experience of flying an airplane.


Had not only flown in childhood but also had built some airplanes! All in paper as it were… couldn’t really pilot one. Cut to the airfields of RDU airport

I took air in Cessna SkyHawk – a sober and humble single propeller, 4 seater aircraft. When the instructor said “I am your co-pilot”, the ever lingering dream of being a Pilot came face to face and smiled. You can mostly tell when your dream smiles at you! On a side note, you can almost always tell when the contrary happens.

 The 40 minutes of independent flying over downtown and suburbs of Raleigh were a lesson for precision, possibilities and unmatched thrill.


With wind beneath the wings and clouds gracefully accepting the company, the lush green meadows and lakes of North Carolina revealed the beautiful design of nature like never before. So unlike the sky-diving impulse; this time I stayed on board the plane.


Every once in a while, you need a new dream to redefine challenge – Rajneesh Patil

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New Year: A Roman Beginning

‘Ushering in a new-year’ where it means renewal of vows, resolutions, and opportunities for many, for others, it is a time to find reasons to celebrate.  On a bigger note, the larger affection people have towards this turn-of-calendar is related to the promise of a novel start, looking forward moving ahead, leaving the past behind.

Though the idea of new beginnings and renewed vows carries on from Julius Caesar who first instituted January 1 as new-year’s day in 46 BC, the concept is from the ancient Roman custom, celebration of Janus; the two-faced Roman God represents past and future.  Janus is also believed to be the God of gates and new beginnings.

While every culture and/or religion turns the calendar to a new year at different times, January, named after the God of gates signifies the start of a new year for most of the western culture, and now observed worldwide.

Janus - The God of beginnings

The tradition of new year celebration has survived through several centuries and continues to generate a vibrant, collective and positive spirit all around.

To garner this energy and set sail with reinvigorated pace, embrace the new dawn and leap towards your goals with a more definite purpose. Thoughts for the coming year:

Get fit: Give the gift of wellness to yourself. Fitness allows for clear thoughts and purposeful actions.

Get ahead: Add at least one new skill to your armoury each year.

Give more: Each of us have a special ability. Use your resources to help others.

Key questions that may guide the direction:

  1. What activities and habits will enhance my well being?
  2. Which is the one skill that can influence my success further?
  3. What about me inspires others? How can I use my strengths to enable others” success?

Life calls constantly for progress, novelty and growth. Get a new start this year and make it significantly different from the previous.

Spirit o'' Life

 Here’s to your spirit and glory. Wish you a wonderful 2013!

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Thank who you will: Gratitude unlimited

On the heels of a vibrant Diwali in India, followed the effervescence of Thanksgiving in the Americas.  If Diwali is about expressing thanks to everything that brings light to life; Thanksgiving is about saying ‘gracias‘ to everything that ‘Life’ gives us.

A joyous, unbound and omnipresent feel of celebration takes over everything else this week.  The United States had much going on in the past few months from political landslides to weather storms.  However, the spirit as they say, triumphs over all else.  Yes, there was much to moan over, but bundles more to thank for! So arrived… Thanksgiving.

“Culture appreciates life. Thanking rejuvenates ties” – Rajneesh

This day marks the Mayflower voyage of pilgrims in 1621 who were religious separatists seeking to establish a place for practice of free faith. So came to life Plymouth. Having survived adverse conditions at sea, the pilgrims were greeted by Wampanoag Indians with food from local harvest. The Indians also taught the pilgrims agriculture, specifically corn culture. History has many versions of this story but turkey, corn and pumpkin are invariably cast as protagonists supporting the pilgrims!

Cut to the modern world:

With endless supplies of turkey to boundless offers of premium shopping, life just goes up by a notch this week here in the United States.  From “smoking a turkey” with my friends’ wonderful family to saying the supper prayer at a traditional American dining, my first experience of Thanksgiving is one to cherish. In the land that Columbus confused for India, I say thanks to life, lights and to freedom.

P.S: Dedicated to my friend Steve L at Durham, North Carolina. I owe a supper 🙂

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