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A Champion’s DNA

Amazing inspiration from the sportsman who redefines grace and skill into something divine!  – To Roger Federer

Looking for a story to epitomize ‘Triumph’ vs. ‘Challenge’? Federer delivered just that and more at Wimbledon 2012.

Sports analysts doubted the probability of Federer’s success with their attention stuck on age, fitness, injuries and younger opponents. While everyone knows the cliché of what happens when the going gets tough… this man actually got going… when everything seemed genuinely tough.

 It may take a fighter to put up a show; but it takes a champion to do it in a row – Rajneesh Patil

Some remarkable attributes on display:

  1.  Against all odds:  Yes the analysts were right in using the usual factors as predictors. The champion’s DNA displayed what practice can do! (Federer was at most of the ATP schedules this year)
  2. Hunger for success: It did not matter that he already had the highest number of slams in history, he wanted one more.  Tremendous appetite to achieve more! (Interesting post match interview)
  3. Mastery of art: The most evident factor in Federer’s victory was not Andy Murray’s lesser performance.  It was simply the level of gameplay Federer brought to the Wimbledon finals. It was mastery.

These traits (among others) form the very fabric of a champion’s DNA;  launching performers to peak and champions to glory.

Salute to the grandiose spirit! Take a bow… Federer’s on court.

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