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First day of Autumn

Celebrate change

A tiny wave of excitement as today marks the ‘First day of Autumn’. Also, it is an Equinox which means the day and night are almost exactly equal. The start of ‘Fall’.

Who moved my leaves

Autumn brings – an endearing transition to an earthly brown shade, cool gentle breeze ushering the winter to wade and fallen leaves on earth like a carpet you made. Nature in inspirational form.

Like trees in autumn, there is a cycle of change our personalities live through. If put to a time scale, an year is a good measure of when you pause and reflect on your own evolving identity.

If we take the analogy of trees in Fall, we as individuals could follow suite and shed a few leaves ourselves. It could be habits we want to break, attitudes we want to drop, activities we no longer enjoy or for some of us merely the weight we would like to shed, physical or otherwise!

Trails of North Carolina

Like trees cast aside leaves only to grow green with renewed life we should grow new habits that are of value, wear attitudes that help succeed and embrace ways of living that bring vitality to our existence and to those around.

So this autumn, I look to shed the burden of purposeless thought, enjoy the “now”, learn new skills and do more for someone who needs help the most.

You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you. – John Wooden

Autumn Equinox By Morawless On Deviantart

To the spirit of Equinox, we should continue to strive for a balance in our identities that generates strength and compassion. Everything else follows.

What thoughts come to your mind with autumn and equinox? Tell you story.

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Evolving Identity – The ‘Growth’ lesson

Evolving an identity is a steady and incremental process and not a short-term effort. It cannot be a flash in the pan or a ‘come and go’ show on stage.  It takes sustained ambition and repeated efforts to build individual identity.

If anything, The Annual rings in a tree is probably nature’s way of preaching an enduring philosophy of growth.

Steady up!

Taking this cue further – Trees follow the most natural path of a stable, steady and predictable growth. Developing one layer at a time and strengthening the trunk with one solid ring a year. No flamboyance but enviable patience.  How does this apply to evolving your individual identity?

Taking the analogy forward and applying a perspective Personality could be likened to a tree.  Grown over a period of time and looked-up to for great purpose.  A purpose, most often beyond ‘self-serving’.

Just like the tree – To qualify for such meaningful growth, there is an immense need to systematize your development. Adding skill-sets, diversifying roles and increasing your sphere of influence with a steadfast approach.  The faster you run, the harder you fall. Steadiness is therefore of essence.

There was not and will never be ‘a’ short route to achieve respectable growth which is of significance. It will continue to require the natural course of building a layer-by-layer pattern of knowledge, synthesis, application and the ability to finish strong. It demands persistent principles, consistent contribution and relentless pursuit to overcome challenges and translate those into opportunities.

 “Challenges are opportune for the wise and stumbles are lessons in disguise” – Rajneesh Patil

Recognize > Embrace > Resolve > Go forth!

As a closing note, be mindful of the need to add annual rings to your circle of growth.

What you can do:

  1. Learn something new each year or even every quarter of a year.
  2. Add new skills to your profile and build expertise in select areas.
  3. Apply your expertise by offering help to peers and teams.
  4. Network with people outside your domain.

And… Do it with the grace, patience and perseverance of the green Gods!

Another year, another skill?

To your success! Learn more. Do more!

‘Taking a leaf out of a tree’ – this piece is dedicated to the green environment.

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